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Group Vaccine Purchasing

Group Vaccine Purchasing

CCPN is now offering its member practices a way to save money on vaccines.  CCPN is partnering with two group vaccine purchasing organizations: Atlantic Health Partners and Vaccine Connect.




Atlantic Health Partners (AHP) offers discounted prices on Merck and Sanofi Pasteur vaccines, as well as Pfizer’s Trumenba. Vaccine Connect offers discounted prices on the full portfolio of adult and pediatric vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline.

CCPN encourages member practices to review how these programs may best meet their immunization needs based on vaccine preferences, vaccine pricing, and other practice-specific criteria.  Both AHP and Vaccine Connect have participation and brand requirements.

In addition to receiving discounted prices off the catalogue price, CCPN members may be eligible for rebates to further lower costs.

  • AHP offers eligibility in an annual rebate program for all CCPN member practices.
  • Vaccine Connect offers three different savings options based on the vaccines your practice purchases and the semi-annual rebates your practice would like to earn.

There is no cost to join either organization, and practices can continue to order vaccines directly through the manufacturer(s).  Atlantic does offer a “one-stop shop” on VaccineShoppe or VaxServe for all Sanofi and Merck vaccines.

Both Atlantic Health Partners and Vaccine Connect also provide their members with excellent service and support for all their immunization needs.

(Note:  this program is only for private supply of vaccines.  Practices will still go through the Vaccines for Children program for their pediatric Medicaid and uninsured patients.)

If you would like more information on how to sign up, please email Jessica Whelan or call her at 919-926-3894.