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Countdown to Medicaid Transformation

 Are you ready? 


Provider Education

Provider Education

Provider Education

CCPN works with you on payer/plan contracts, ensuring deliverable requirements are met. Then, we stay engaged to keep you updated about policy changes and new payer programs. This includes keeping you apprised of the massive changes coming in North Carolina's Medicaid program in 2019. Soon, you'll be dealing with 4-6 payers for your Medicaid patients, and CCPN is here to help you adjust to this increase in complexity.



An Ongoing Series of Changes Coming to NC's Medicaid System: What Medical Practices Need to Know

Big changes are coming to Medicaid in North Carolina. Phase 1 is slated to begin November 2019. Find a quick overview on what's coming, when, and what it will mean for you: 


Medicaid Transformation Help