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What is CCPN?

What is CCPN?

We’re a physician-led, clinically integrated network of primary care physicians committed to serving the communities of North Carolina.

Community Care Physician Network is a network of over 3,000 clinicians across the state who are all focused on delivering effective and high quality primary care. As their practice partner, CCPN serves as a vehicle for independent practices to participate in Medicaid ACOs, Medicare Shared Savings Plans, and other new value-based healthcare models – while also providing independent practices with all the needed quality metrics and strategies to compete in value based reimbursement models.

Our statewide infrastructure allows us to provide guidance and direction to independent primary care clinicians so they can deliver and coordinate patient care regardless of conditions, providers, settings, and time. This infrastructure also allows us to provide participants with accurate information that follows patients across providers and settings. Physicians lead all facets of our programs and are engaged and motivated to create a high performing CIN.

CCPN is focused on patient populations – not insurance company shareholders – and we share accountability and rewards for hitting quality targets with each of our member practices. We are directly connected to Community Care of North Carolina, giving members access to decades of extensive experience with public and private payers and invaluable population health management expertise and analytical infrastructure.


Physicians who join CCPN gain access to multiple advantages



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