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Closing Care Gaps

It’s Not Too Late! Closing Quality of Care Gaps Through Year-end 2023

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Why is it important to close care gaps?

  • Independent primary care providers deliver essential support and encouragement for your communities. By closing these care gaps, you are part of statewide effort to build a healthier North Carolina.
  • Closing care gaps help us measure quality metrics in payer contracts, generating incentive payments that, help your practice and other practices in your state become more financially sustainable.
  • Stronger practices mean a stronger CIN, giving you a more powerful voice in negotiations with payers and vendors. 
  • Some contracts have particularly strong quality incentives. For Blue Premier contracts, in addition to payer incentives, CCNC is paying practices an additional $100 bonus per care gap closed by the end of the year in four quality categories.


How is CCPN helping your practice?

  • CCPN provides tools to help your practice improve quality performance, including Practice PerfectSM, Recommended Actions, Write-Back and Print page functionality, making your patient data more actionable.
  • The CCPN Private Portal provides additional resources to help you drive improvements in quality and care gap closure and improve use of coding and risk adjustment factors.
  • Your Provider Relations Representative (PRR) can help you implement processes and workflows so that data is recorded in ways that aid data extraction and CPT II codes are used effectively. 


Care Gap Awareness Campaigns

CCPN and CCNC are also supporting your efforts with integrated campaigns that combine paid advertising, earned media and social media with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of screening and the tools available to close care gaps. 

  • Our first campaign, focused on Breast Cancer Awareness, is called Let’s Talk Mammo. Please click the image below for details. 
  • Our second campaign, focused on Diabetes, is called Let’s Talk Diabetes. Please click the image below for details. 
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