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CCPN Anti-Racism Statement

CCPN Anti-Racism Statement

A message from the CCPN Board of Managers

We cannot adequately express our grief for the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery, and the many other black men and women who have died needlessly across our nation. Unfortunately it has taken these recent deaths to call our society to action in addressing systemic racism which has existed for centuries. Deliberate and thoughtful action is needed to address racial injustice which exists in many forms and institutions, including healthcare. We all know the disproportionate negative impact COVID19 has had in our Black communities which is just one example of systemic racism. This must end.

As physicians, we have committed our lives to helping our patients stay healthy and heal from illness. It is our goal that CCPN is, and remains, a non-racist organization. We embrace the hard work necessary to ensure we attain that goal and that our communities are places where all people can live their lives to the fullest. This aligns with our mission and efforts to improve healthcare for all North Carolinians.

We will bring diverse people together who have the common goals of ending racial and healthcare disparities. We will listen to those who have experienced racism and stand with them to bring it to an end.

Addressing racism and moving towards reconciliation will not be easy or happen quickly. This will be an on-going process. We will not be perfect, and we do not have all of the answers. But as CCPN's leaders and community advocates, we are determined to continue the work to change actions and attitudes that lead to racial injustice.

We are asking everyone to do what is right, to act with courage and show love, kindness and compassion to everyone. We recognize to improve health of all our citizens we must work to advance equity and we must tackle and change intrinsic racism.

As we move forward, we call on our partners to join us in this work and persevere in this challenge.