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Care Management

CCPN Care Mangers are trusted partners to clinicians throughout the state of North Carolina

CCPN's partner in delivering care management to member practices is Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC), who for the past two decades pioneered the development of robust, community-based medical homes with a multidisciplinary approach to care. Partnering with primary care physicians are care managers, pharmacists, behavioral health professionals and community health workers. that stress high-performing primary care as the best route to saving money and improving health outcomes.

The key skills that CCPN brings to physicians and their patients are:




“Our practice is choosing to partner with CCPN and attest as a Tier 3 Advanced Medical Home. With all of the Medicaid changes coming, we want to continue to work with our local, accredited, world class care managers who know our practice and our patients!”

Christoph Diasio, MD, FAAP, Sandhills Pediatrics