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The Value of CCPN
    The Value of CCPN
Community Care Physician Network
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What can CCPN &
independent clinicians
do together?


Community Care Physician Network is the largest integrated network of independent physicians in North Carolina

Our clinically integrated network (CIN) of independent primary care physicians provides the resources, support, and alignment they need to manage their practice at the highest levels.



New Choice for Independent Physician Practices




Community Care Physician Network, or CCPN, is a physician-led CIN that relies on collaboration and a dedication to improving quality, proving value to payers and patients, and keeping doctors and clinicians in control of the care their patients receive.

As the healthcare system evolves and physicians will be paid based on the quality of care they provide rather than the number of patients they see, CCPN allows North Carolina's independent primary care clinicians to:

  • Easily share best practices for practice administration and management
  • Help each other improve and elevate the overall quality of care for patients
  • Access contracts negotiated for the benefit of patients & primary care physicians - not an administrative 3rd party*

*Hospital-based health systems, insurers, population health companies

Join with more than 3,000 independent clinicians and become part of NC’s only physician-led, clinically integrated network that exists to serve physicians like you.


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About Us

CCPN was created to help independent primary care physicians remain a vibrant and proactive contributor to the health, well-being, and prosperity of each community they serve by providing:

clinical programs


Tools for Today's Healthcare Environment

We are uniquely positioned to provide independent clinicians the support they need to thrive in an everchanging healthcare environment

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primary care


Access to a Network of 3,000+ Independent Physicians

CCPN aligns the expertise and best practices of more than 3,000 independent clinicians as NC’s largest physician-led, clinically integrated network

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Strong Statewide Infrastructure

With over 3,000 clinicians, more than 900 practice locations throughout North Carolina, and serving more than 2 million North Carolinians, including over 725,000 Medicaid beneficiaries served, CCPN is a robust practice partner

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We provide the news, resources and events that help your practice thrive

Review clinical guidelines, clinician recruitment tips, and job opportunities


Discover more about upcoming industry conferences and important dates