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Countdown to Medicaid Transformation

 Are you ready? 


Medicaid Transformation

An ongoing series on changes coming to NC's Medicaid system: 

What medical practices need to know


Big changes are coming to Medicaid in North Carolina. Phase 1 (Regions 2 and 4 in the map below) is slated to go live on November 1, 2019. The links below provide a quick overview on what's coming, when, and what it will mean for medical practices.


medicaid regions

North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services (NC DHHS) Resources


Medicaid Reform Minutes

Medicaid Reform Minute #1: Why Reform?

Medicaid Reform Minute #2: Acronyms

Medicaid Reform Minute #3: Standard Plan Timeline

Medicaid Reform Minute #4: What Your Practice can do to Prepare for Managed Care

Medicaid Reform Minute #5: Beneficiary Assignment

Medicaid Reform Minute #6: Patients Outside of Standard Plans

Medicaid Reform Minute #7: How Managed Care Helps Us Prepare for Value-based Care

The above Medicaid Reform Minutes are provided courtesy of a partnership between Community Care of Western North Carolina and the Western Carolina Medical Society. For questions about this content, contact